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Helping you to Shine to your Full Potential

Sue Coulson is a qualified crystal practitioner and experienced workshop facilitator who enjoys supporting others as they find their own way to shine.

Sue is a natural intuitive with a strong connection to the Higher Dimensional Lightbeings. The information she has received from this source now forms the basis of the teachings incorporated in the spiritual development programs she facilitates here in the Cosmic Classroom.

Her spiritual beliefs are rooted in her connection with the earth, with nature, and she often receives messages of guidance from the birds, animals and trees. She feels deeply connected with the earth energies and this has lead to a research project called Psychic Survey which is dedicated to documenting the human experience of the energy present at sacred sites such as Avebury. She relays the finding of these studies through her outdoor workshops which aim to raise your awareness of your own sensitivity to the energy of the land and the celestial vibrations of the Sun, Moon, Planets & Stars.

Sue has always been a truth seeker. She is curious about how things work and has never shied away from delving into the depths of things to find the answers. Since 2004 Sue has researched, studied and participated in many different types of Holistic Therapies & Spiritual Practices, on a quest to bring balance and harmony to her own life and to understand her own true nature and connection to the Cosmos.  Working with Crystals is one of her passions, and learning to understand and 'feel' their Metaphysical properties has lead to a deep affinity with the subtle vibrations that surround us in our lives.

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