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Powerful Insights for Changing Times

Our day together:  First we will discuss the metaphysical properties of the crystals and symbols we are using to set the scene, then we invite guidance in many different ways throughout the day:

Once we have built the Crystal Array together, you will be invited to enter it 3 times to participate in 3 meditations to complete your personal journey. Here you will be supported and guided by Sue as you journey to other dimensions.

You will have some alone time to meditate in a Copper Frame Pyramid, and to meditate with a palm sized quartz crystal pyramid.  A set of runes will also be provided to you to draw on this ancient source of intuitive wisdom.

What to bring.

Please ware layers of warm, loose clothing.  You will be asked to lay upon the floor for up to 60 minutes for your journey meditation within the Array.

It is important to be comfortable and relaxed. Yoga Mats will be provided, but it is recommended that you bring additional padding to lay upon (ie: camping mat, duvet or pillows), a Blanket to prevent you getting cold, and cushion for under head. Some people also find it beneficial to have support under the knees to relieve pressure on the back.

The Atlantis Wisdom workshop is a journey of self discovery, where you can expect to find guidance from higher sources about what changes you are resisting, and how best to release them & move forwards.

Once you have made this conscious connection you will find serenity surrounds you, calming your emotions, and paving the way for new experiences in your physical & spiritual life.

It will be a unique and powerful day of transformation through a series of 3 journey meditations using crystals, within a Crystal Array. Only 4 people are invited to participate in each workshop, as each individual is offered personal guidance and support  upon their journey from Sue Coulson.

By representing the shape of a complex pattern upon the floor with crystals we invoke the energy of sacred geometry and combine it with crystal vibrations, setting a clear energetic  intention for the journeys  destination. This makes for a powerful place from which to meditate and connect with higher consciousness.


"This workshop (27.10.12) was a very intimate and special experience. Everyone who attended, was able to connect and either see, feel or hear feedback. This was all down to Sue being able to hold the energy and guide the whole spiritual expedition. As a novice, I appreciated Sue's patience and support to help facilitate me through the experience. The workshop was well thought out and included lots of hints and tips and interesting information to take away and work with. A big shift in energy occurred in all 4 of us and I am really excited to see how that manifests over the next few weeks and months ahead. Thank you Sue for your hard work and support". Tara - Swindon

"This workshop is truly inspirational. It was the start of an incredible, positive, life-changing journey for me - and probably everyone else who took part" Lu - Bristol

""I was shown the area of my life where I am allowing myself to 'play victim'. A spirit guide came to me and helped me to release this, in a very visual way. Once I had completed the journey I had a strong sense of knowing what to do next in my life and I felt so much calmer within myself." Bridget - Cirencester

Over the years many have connected with the same spirit guide from Atlantis and some incredible information has been channelled from this guide; information relating to the changes in energy that are taking place at this time. This information is relevant to all of humanity. Wisdom has been shared about Sacred Geometry, The Flower of Life and the systems of knowledge contained within it, Pyramid Energy, and many other things.

I have also witnessed the Atlantian Guides perform a personal energy attunement on several past participants, activating and aligning the energy centers to allow higher vibrations to be assimilated into the body. This is quite something to witness and always has a profound impact on the participants energy in a very positive way.

Everyone who has taken part in this workshop over the years, myself included, seems to have been catapulted forwards on their spiritual path.  Whilst everyone’s journey within this Crystal Array is unique I have come to expect the unexpected. I am really excited to see what Atlantian Wisdom will be brought forwards this year.

Sue says: ~ Instructions on how to build this Crystal Array, and the crystals to be use, were given to me in January 2011 in a vision/dream, along with information about what to expect from the energy that it produces.

After testing it for myself with the assistance of some volunteers I began to offer this workshop as a way to understand and release mental, emotional, and energetic blocked. Whilst this has proved very effective it soon became apparent that the removal of obstacles on one’s personal journey seemed almost secondary to the ancient knowledge that was brought forth from Atlantis via this workshop.

Atlantis Wisdom Workshop

Ocean Jasper, also known as Orbicular Ocean Jasper, is a rare gemstone found only on the coast near Marovao, Madagascar.  It can only be seen and collected at low tides.

Its colour range is varied, and includes: White, Pink, Blue, Green Tan, Brown, & Black and typically displays concentric circles/orbs of shaded colours. Some times small pockets of druzy/clear quartz crystals can also be found.

One entire aspect of this Crystal Array is made of Ocean Jasper and you will be invited to experience the energy from both within and outside the geometric shape.

Metaphysical Properties include:

Supporting you as you journey deep within to explore the all aspects of yourself and your life (Physical/Emotional/Spiritual) where you are holding negativity. It allows you to bring these negative aspects to the surface, recognise and release them. This is a positive and uplifting experience allowing you to live joyfully in the moment. Change can be challenging for many people. Ocean Jasper can assist with balancing the emotions, allowing you to feel calm and secure even in uncertain times.

Sea Turtle Totem:

Turtle energy has an influence on this Crystal Array as a turtle was shown in the original vision/dream.

Turtle reminds us to look within when there is turmoil or change occurring around us and to listen to the natural rhythms of our bodies and the earth. They can teach us about patience, faith & security. Turtles existed on the earth as dinosaurs evolved and many cultures believe they hold a connection to ancient knowledge.



23/2/19~ Saturday

10.30am - 5pm

Avebury Social Centre, SN8 1RF

£88 per person, to be paid in advance to secure your place ~ Non-refundable

Limited to 3 participants.

Please enquire about availability.


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