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Each time we meet, we focus on one sector of the sky, using star charts, sacred symbols and crystals to hold a clear intention to connect with the Comic energies and entities which reside  in the chosen sector of space.  

We journey with an expectation of bringing forwards new vibrations & information to help the collective consciousness of our planet evolve.

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Conversations with the

Crystal Beings

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Messages from the Stones

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In the Cosmic Classroom Library you will find the Channelled Messages and insights gained from Heart-to-Heart communications with the consciousness beings we encounter during our group sessions.

Free access is offered to the general reviews of our interactions with the energetic beings of the Cosmos: Plants, Animals, Minerals, the Elements and Elementals, Planets & Stars, Higher Dimensional Beings of Light, the Star Beings, etc.

Our classes are designed to offer a safe place to explore these encounters with support, and we are mindful of not setting expectations. Authentic experiences are the best way to build confidence in your own abilities to receive messages through your heart-space.  

For this reason only some information is shared, whilst other insights are withheld in the Restricted Section.  Access is granted to attendees after  sessions, to offer clarity and confirmation.

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Messages from the

Star Nations

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Speaking with the Star Nations







Draco Constellation

Hydra Constellation