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1:1 Consultations to restore balance to the Body, Mind and Spirit.

Personal Support

Personal Support

Outdoor Meditations, Workshops & Spiritual Tours of Sacred Sites.



Regular Meditation Groups, Spiritual Workshops & Events.


Workshops & Events

 Welcome to a place of Spiritual Awakening & Awareness.

Here you are invited to explore the unseen world of subtle energy; to embark on a journey of discovery through the light web of love that binds all of existence together, to unravel the mysteries of life with the guidance of the Lightbeings.

The Lightbeings are higher dimensional beings who share their knowledge & wisdom with us so that we, the human race, can evolve into a new paradigm of love.

In the Cosmic Classroom we take a practical approach, providing experiential learning experiences, both indoors and outside on the land.

Learn to: trust your intuition, expand your awareness of energy, attune to your ability to communication with the cosmos by practicing meditation techniques, and find peace of mind as you awaken to the full extent of your spiritual self.

Multi-Dimensional Self Awareness