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Outdoor Learning

Find out about our Outdoor Events at Sacred Sites and Special places, where the energy of the land helps you to expand.


The intention for this gathering is to draw together those who are willing to open themselves fully to be a clear channel to receive energy & messages from the Star; with the expectation of bringing forwards new vibrations & information to help the collective consciousness of our planet evolve.

We will sit within a crystalline Circle of Light, to hold a high vibration; and utilize Crystal Skulls to amplify our connection to the Star Realms.

Sue Coulson says: 'In my experience meditating with the Crystal Skulls strengthens our connection with the higher conscious beings, the beings of light, associated with star systems scattered throughout the cosmos’.

You will be guided through a series of meditations to facilitate expansion, connection and communication with our Starry allies by Sue.

Each time we meet, we will focus on one sector of the sky, using star charts, sacred symbols and crystals to hold a clear intention to connect with the Comic energies and entities which reside there.

You are invited to Avebury, the site of an ancient stone circle & active stargate, to enlarge your awareness by seeking communication with the 'Stary Ones'.

There is so much wisdom, expansion and Love awaiting us'.


If this resonates with you, please contact Sue to secure a place at our gathering, as space is limited and advanced booking in essential ~ Thank you!

Speaking with the Star Nations

Sue is a channel for higher dimensional beings of light who are associated with the the Pleiades and other constellation.

She has many years of experience of holding a safe space for people to form a lasting relationship with the benevolent beings from other realms.

This gathering is open to all who have some previous meditation experience

and feel drawn to participate with open hearts and mind. It is a development workshop, where you will be supported and nurtured by Sue and her guides.

You are welcome to bring your own Crystal Skull along, or borrow one for the evening from Sue's personal collection.

We meet regularly on a Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons

Venue: Cosmic Classroom at the Henge Shop, High Street, Avebury, SN8 1RF

We are on the first floor, above the shop.

Daytime access is via the shop.  Evening access is via the garden & back door

Parking: Please use the National Trust car park on the High Street in Avebury, opposite the Henge Shop. A parking permit will be issued to confirmed participants.

A contribution of £15 per person is invited to support the facilitation of this event.

Please contact Sue to secure a place at this event. Space is limited and advanced booking in essential ~ Thank you!



17/11/18 ~ Saturday

1pm - 3pm

7/12/18 ~ Friday

7.30pm - 9.30pm

8/12/18 ~ Saturday

1pm - 3pm (TBC)

4/1/19 ~ Friday

7.30pm - 9.30pm



Orion Cconstellation



Intermediate: Some previous experience required

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Speaking with the Star Nations

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